About Us

The USA’s newest dynamic duo of Cameleon distributors is comprised of a pair of color-obsessed, crafty creatrixes, Madelyn Greco and Dianna Canterbury. Promoting what we love, and loving what we promote, we’re excited to offer you top-quality, affordable, professional bodypaint colors. coupled with expert guidance and support.

As a Cameleon-sponsored competitive artist for nearly a decade, 5x World Champion Bodypaint Artist Greco has the extensive, real-world product experience that serious professionals need to maintain a strong competitive edge.

Canterbury has all of the product knowledge, with the fresh perspective of a newer artist. She is able to anticipate the needs of experienced artists crossing over into the Cameleon family of colors, or establishing a brilliant spectrum of recommendations for all the requirements of a first-time kit.

No matter what your needs are, we have the know-how calculated to facilitate excellence, and outfit you properly, so you can focus on taking your painting skills to the next level!